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Jan 29, 2011
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I have a i5

It works great for the most part, sometimes buttons are unresponsive, like its thinking or something. Also during while texting sometimes I get funny shapes on my letter S.

I wanted to restore the phone.

My question is when you reset the phone and set up as a new phone in iTunes how do you get all your content back, like settings, photos, apps ( like password manager with all my data in them ) and contacts.

I usually back up my phone then restore to back up, I have never done anything different so I always get all me settings and other things back the way I left them.

Is restoring from back up not as good as setting up as a new phone ?


John Yester

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May 23, 2012
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Setup as new is just that, no restore. All content has to be entered manully again.

Restore is just what you have always done. Pulls a back up and puts the phone back the way it was from last back up. Being locally or iCloud back up.


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Jan 8, 2012
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You answered your own question. iTunes will automatically do a backup of your device, unless you instruct it not to. As for password apps like DataVault and mSecure, there should be an option within the app that will allow you to backup its data via iCloud, Dropbox and/or locally (saved to a computer). I do all three. Anyway, you can either have iTunes install a fresh copy of iOS 6 and restore from the most recent backup or if you restore as new, you can always login to iCloud and have your iCloud mail, contacts, notes, reminders and calendars auto sync to your device. Photos can be a bit tricky. I recommend you sync them to iTunes and then after you've set your device as new, re-sync them back to your device. The apps can be reinstalled by going to the "purchased" section of the App Store. Once you get your password app reinstalled, just restore from the most recent backup of the data via iCloud, Dropbox or locally. Anyway, I hope my reply was helpful to you. Take care and have a great day....;)
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Feb 7, 2009
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You can either restore from back up or set up as new. Setting up as new is the best option however.. You can always restore from backup then navigate to settings , general, then scroll down to reset. Select reset all settings. This will not delete any media. It will set everything to default. Its also like defragging your computer.


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Jul 21, 2009
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Before you setup as new try this take screenshots of all your apps. Connect your iPhone to your computer and copy any pictures in your Camera Roll to your computer. Then in iTunes go to Music, Podcast, Movies, Books, Photos,iTunes U and uncheck sync so it removes all of the media from your device. Go into the app store on the device and apply all the updates for your apps. In iTunes right click the phone and choose transfer purchases. Then put your apps into jiggly mode and delete all the apps that don't require you to login with a username and password ie. Dropbox. Once you're done reboot the phone then kill all the apps in the quick app switcher. If the batter is low let it charge up to full power then sync your media back onto the phone Music, Podcast, Movies, Books, Photos,iTunes U. Then use your screenshots to re-install all your apps but do it from iTunes because it will have the most up to date version. Once the phone is back the way it was before reboot it again and see if your problems go away.

I was having problems with my iPhone battery draining like crazy and it has never done that before. I think over time changing playlists on the device, downloading apps, songs and general use the some little data gets corrupted. So by taking it all off the device you sort of reset everything. GL

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