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New member
Jun 24, 2009
I made the mistake of not pre-ordering my 16 gb black iphone 3gs and now every store in my city is sold out. one sales person told me it would be "a long while before they had any in stock" and that i should order one and it will be here in 7-14 days. i can't imagine that they really won't get restocked sooner than that. the kicker is that i'm going on vacation on sunday (6/28) so if I don't have my iphone by then... i won't get it for a few more weeks :(

any insight as to when i should expect my local at&t store to get a new shipment in?


Active member
Jun 17, 2009
You can try to order it online and pay extra for shipping and do overnight shipment, but that's only if they even have them in stock. I know apple.com usually has a good amount of the 3GS iPhone in stock too.


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Jun 15, 2009
If you order it tonight there is no way that you'd have it for your vacation.. Sorry to say.

I ordered mine on Monday and even paid extra for shipping. There was no overnight option available, so I went with 2-3 day shipping for an extra $10.

Since I ordered my order status has said "Item has not yet shipped". Luckily today it says "Prepared for shipping"-- so I am hoping (crossing my fingers) that it ships out tonight and I have it for Friday. Doubtful though.