Replaced Lighting/AUX port and now I drop calls in seconds!


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Hey everyone,

The title says it all but I'll try to provide as much detail as possible to help. After switching the lightning port out with a new one(purchased from a website called [redacted]) and changing my battery(purchased from amazon) the phone charges properly, texts, plays music through the aux port, but I can't make a call longer than 15 seconds with someone. I called my wife a few times coming home from work and before my phone would drop hers(both on verizon) she would say my voice sounded like a robot. I also notice my phone going to 1x when I am making a call. Oddly enough, if I call her while we're both in the house then I can stay on the phone until I decide to hang up and my voice comes through clear. We did the latter for testing purposes. She has an Iphone 6s plus and everything works just fine, so I don't think it is a network error. In places where I used to get decent connection to the internet free of wifi I get none. With that said, I can still browse the web in places where I have always gotten a great signal.

The process of getting to my lightning port was really easy. I broke my battery trying to remove it from the adhesive, but besides that everything went perfectly. I've opened it back up to check my connections again--all is well. Admittedly, the antenna leading from the new lightning port is extremely difficult to connect and is easy to disconnect if disturbed--could that be the problem? Does that have anything to do with the signal?

My date and time are reading accurately, I've reset my network settings and I have rebooted my phone, all to no avail.

Would love to hear your suggestions! I am at a loss!

Warm regards,

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Jan 8, 2012
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1. Retrace your steps to make sure you did everything correctly.

2. Try resetting all settings.

3. Make an appointment with the nearest Genius Bar to have them take a look at it.