Rene Ritchie need your humble opinion, ApplePay and Apple Watch


Nov 4, 2010
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I made a post the other day, how my CC from my bank was breached and had to be cancelled. It was on ApplePay and the bank dynamically updated my iPhone with the new card number. (Wells Fargo, and I can't believe they can do this. The last four digits of the cards associated with my iPhone in the Passbook app did change, so the bank can do this I'm assuming?)

Well, I get another phone call from the bank today, and my debit card has been breached? What gives. Of course this was my payment method for the watch, and was used on my iPhone to purchase through the Apple Store app, with ApplePay.

So, the bank updated my card number and I can see the last four digits of the new card in passbook. It looks like the digital card number stayed the same, and the last four digits match what show online.

I called the Apple store hotline and asked them, and they were kind of not sure what to do. I'm out of town for the next few weeks working, and there are no Wells Fargo banks near me. So, I basically have to drive two hours to a bank branch. Both of my new cards are being mailed to me in 7-10 business days and can't get them any sooner from what I was told over the phone.

UGH! What would you do? Scared to update Apple with new credit card number? (Which I won't have for 7-10 business days, but it looks like my passbook CC numbers were updated) Will Apple Pay still work since it's based on a digital card number and not the plastic card number?

And yes, I can't believe my only two forms of paying for something was stolen somehow. Haven't used my debit card in probably a month and the credit card number in three months. The only thing I can think in common with both cards is I have them both stored on Amazon's site, in Paypal, with Apple, and that's it. I know it's not an ApplePay breach too, btw.

I've searched on the internet, but can't bring up a descent article about swapping out a CC or debit card on AP. Can anyone weigh in? Rene I watch you every week and I know you're the expert that might be able to set my mind at ease. Apple store support can't give a definite answer, but I seem to believe it should work. Otherwise I have to wait at least a week to update my CC info, which will probably be too late, and I have no other CC's to change it to now.

Thanks for any insight or help!!!

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