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Jun 12, 2017
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RELIVIT allows anyone to easily capture, curate and merge together short videos (up to 3 seconds each) and photos of life's best moments.

Free to download until the end of June. Normally $7.99. Don't miss out.

RELIVIT is super easy to use, simply:

•Import videos and pictures from your camera roll, or take them via the app
•Crop your videos to your favourite snippet (up to 3 seconds)
•Allocate tags to your moments, to allow for easy sorting and compiling
•Merge your videos and photos together to create compilations that showcase special moments and events such as weddings, birthdays, holidays or anything else you can imagine
•Share your compilations via Facebook, Instagram or other social platforms, or send directly to friends using WhatsApp, WeChat or iMessage

Our aim is simple - we want everyone to be able to easily capture, curate, compile and share videos of life's best moments.

People use RELIVIT for nearly anything, including:

•A year of your life, by capturing one second everyday
•Sharing your favourite moments from holidays
•Progress from your fitness regime = show off your gains
•Enjoy great videos of your child or pet as they grow up
•Weddings, birthdays or other special events
•Progress of your house renovation, landscaping or car restoration

iTunes link:

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- Instagram: @relivitapp

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