redsn0w for 3gs released


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Mar 6, 2009
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3GS Love - New redsn0w, updated ultrasn02, new Winterboard & updated mobilesubstrate

Lots of releases between late last night and this morning. I don't feel up to making a long post, so I'll be quick.

For reference, read musclenerds twitter page regarding the new redsn0w... the release was announced there and not on the Dev-Team Blog. However, they did make a new post on their blog about an update to ultrasn0w that makes it work better with the 3GS.

Saurik also released Winterboard via Cydia, so no more downloading deb files and manually installing via Cydia. Part of the Winterboard upgrade includes the mobilesubstrate update, as it's a Winterboard dependency.

The mobilesubstrate update fixes iRealSMS too.

Enjoy all, it's a great day for 3GS JB.
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