Reddit user goes Viral after putting AirTag inside a Steam Deck — "Just wanted to demo that's it's still possible.


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Jan 31, 2024
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There is quite a number of videos out there where they show you how to strip down an airtag so it's very thin and because the item it's been installed to has an integrated battery you don't need the cr2032 battery just wire it to the built in battery assuming it isn't any higher then 5v, if it is find a 3-5v power rail on the steam deck and use that (tag only work when on but you know where it is when they are playing it)

the airtag can run upto 5v or as low 2v but recommend 3v minimum so your not getting low battery warnings in find my app (witch can be useful if you have it connected to a 10 year ER14505 battery so you get a year or 2 warning before the battery runs out) just make sure it has a fast blow fuse extremely low 0.1A as tag pulls basically no power at all (just in case there is a fault you don't want the wire to be the fuse or burn out motherboard power circuitry)

Look for 10 year airtag on YouTube (you can even stop the phone alerts that start after 4-12 hours on other people's phones if your phone isn't nearby)

And if you want to still use the cr2032 battery you could wire it up to one of them as well
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