Reasons you would prefer the iPhone 5


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Oct 18, 2012
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I like both my 4s and iphone 5.

Both have their pro's and con's in the smartphone world.

However i have no reservations in purchasing my iphone 5 at all.

Happy days.


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Nov 9, 2012
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I have htc one x. But now shifting to iphone 5. I love my htc one x but hate the update process. I never liked the samsung because of their cheap plastics and cartoonish ui...though i also have note 2. I am switching to iphone because it looks premium(though one x also) but have better apps better support better camera better sound(i hate low sound on one x) better voice clarity... And also when you buy the latest android it will get old in a month and a new phone will be out and that pisses me off...but in case of an iphone you get a whole year to show off your device...i had 1 st gen iphone for 2 years...then after that i switched to android..i had almost all the great android devices...and i keep changing them within 2-3 months because none of the devidce was shows off the features which one rarely uses and people only show off with their large screen and stylus(i also do lol) but at the end a phone has to be a good phone first...and i really think iphone is a better does those things great which are needed the most...i like and hate amoled screens lol... Offcourse they look good and i just love the deep blacks...but one thing i hate most on them is that when you take a pic from amoled screens it will look great on the screen but when you put them on lcds then youll come to know how bad that pic was...iphone has a status of its own...if you have an iphone that means wow you have an dont need to tell anything more..but when you have an android people will ask you ok whats is so different on this phone form other androids then one gonna say i have a bigger screen(which lags a lot) stylus (i hate writing nots on my note 2 caus ei have big handwriting and writing 6 words on one page and then turning to other page is frustating) bigger battery(which gonna last for a day only)
Though i love htc for sense and their body constructions but they dont support very well...its gonna be hard for me to ditch htc...but ill do it for iphone 5...
But one thing i am scared about is that the black and slate is very prone to scratches...
I hate buy a goodlooking premium device and then you put a few dollars cheap case over it which hides the body or increase the thickness and looses that premium touch...people think it should always look prestine..yes it should...but i dont think people remove their cases and feel that wow its still prestine..they always keep the cases on...wierd..
I went to the apple store and checkd the iphone 5 there...everyone was touching it and putting it on the table roughly handlng it roughly..but no scratshes on it...i was amazed...


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Sep 24, 2012
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I switched from the HTC One X to iPhone 5 and have no regrets, glad I did. I really liked the HTC Android phones, One X was my 3rd HTC and HTC Sense overlay made it great. iPhone just works better as a phone and the apps are better. The size does fit better for use as a phone, especially you have other devices that you use to browse the internet and do other tasks that mean you really just need a smart phone and not a phone the size of a tablet. If you use other apple products, then it makes even more sense. Seidio makes a very thin case that does not add much to the phone. Best Buy also sells a version of this under a generic name, has a Pt marking on case/clip.


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Mar 9, 2009
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4" screen
A6 chip
Lighter weight
Taking pics while shooting video
Better battery life

Probably fair getting other reasons but these are my main.

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