Re-invention of Protractor:iOS App 3D Protractor!


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Feb 6, 2013
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Final Solution to Measure Angle:iOS App 3D Protractor!

Just throw your plastic protractor away if you have an iPhone! I think you would never have to use traditional protractors any more! Since here is a much better tool for you to measure angles, that is your iOS device and of course, with the amazing app 3D Protractor!
3D Protractor! A super tool for you to measure all kinds of angles in the 3D space.
Don’t limit your imagination of measuring angles to just measuring the angle between two lines on a plain! This was an old thinking. 3D Protractor breaks it! In fact,it is so powerful that it can do following four jobs:
1,Vector Angle Measurement. It can measure the angle of any two vectors in the space, including the angle on a plain.

2,Slope Angle Measurement.?

3,Dihedral Angle Measurement.

4,Line Face Angle Measurement.

You might feel a little bit confused at first after reading the above professional descriptions. This App uses 3D models to make it really easy for you to understand and use.
Everyone can use it. Students can use it to do their homework. Teachers can use it to teach geometry especially solid geometry, which makes a really good teaching tool. Engineers can use it to measure any angles they need to know at work. And of course, there are many many more usages in our daily life.
3D Protractor! Re-invention of protractor! A great app to make measuring angle easy and more accurate! A great app to change the world of angle measurement!

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