Radial 50 - Now Live in the App Store


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May 28, 2009
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Well, after approximately 6 weeks (first submitted on May 22nd) Radial 50 is finally up on the app store. We made a few mistakes through the submission process and Apple denied us once for something they had previously approved, but in the end we got our final approval on July 4th. Guess they are working through the holidays?

Check out Radial50 and let me know what you think, here are the links:

Light (free): itunes.com/apps/radial50Lite]iTunes Store
Full ($1.99): itunes.com/apps/radial50]iTunes Store

Or just search "Radial 50" on your device.

We will be launching a contest very soon where we will be giving away prizes to the first 50 players who finish the game, including 10 $100 Fathead (fathead.com) gift cards.

Here is the quick description if you are not familiar:

A new spin on the "brick-breaker" classic - Radial 50 features fifty intense rounds, challenging gameplay for both beginners & arcade veterans, and a location based leaderboard to track your scores against friends.