Question about SIM Card switching...


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Jun 18, 2009
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Ok, I have a question about swapping SIMs.

This is the situation - I have an iPhone 3G (16GB), my wife has an iPhone 3G (GB).

She was eligible for the 3G upgrade. I was not. She got her 3Gs FOR me, and we switched iPhones, so I have the 16GB 3Gs, and she has my old 16GB 3G.

I need my old number for work as I work in the legal field and phone calls could LITERALLY mean someone's freedom.

Since we bothhave AT&T, and both have iPhones, can I just remove the SIM cards and switch them to get my old number back. Or would that not work?

Keep in mind, I'm only using a working theory here.


Jun 26, 2009
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Most all your info is on your SIM, so just put your SIM in her phone and everything should work will have to re-configure the e-mail settings and import your contacts, but other that that i think your a go. :)