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Question about returning 5s


New member
Oct 1, 2013
I purchased the 5s on Saturday evening. It worked until Sunday afternoon, then shut down on its own and would never turn back on. Spent over 2 hours with Apple on the phone trying to get it fixed, sending video of what it was doing (blinking apple symbol), and they said it sounds like a hardware issue to return the phone.

Here's my question..the store that I purchased the phone at is out of stock now. They suggested taking it to an Apple Store to get a new one. When I spoke to the Apple Store, the representative kept saying that after the technicians looked at it, I'd get a "replacement" phone. I asked if it would be a brand new phone, or refurbished. She said "it should be new, but in a different box and you keep your cables, etc from your original box.

My question is...I've never dealt with an Apple Store before. Does anyone know if it will truly be a NEW phone? If not, I'd rather return it to the original store, and wait the 30 days for new stock to arrive. I didn't pay money to use a phone for 12 hours, just to get a refurbished one a day later.

Any advice is welcome! Thanks!


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Oct 22, 2010
The 5S hasn't really been out long enough to have any "refurbs" yet... And any replacement device you'd get is still covered by standard Apple warranty... and can be covered by AppleCare+ I wouldn't be a bit concerned about a device obtained at an Apple store under warranty exchange circumstances.


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Sep 12, 2008
You're still within a 14 day return period. Or 30 days, depending where you are. You don't need any technicians looking at your phone for a warranty replacement. You are entitled to a brand new iPhone 5S regardless if they currently have stock or not. Don't let them treat this as a warranty exchange is what I'm saying.


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Oct 21, 2011
Did you try holding down the home button while pushing the power button? This happened to my iPad 3 about a week after I got it and this took care of it. Good luck with the phone...


Sep 16, 2012
I asked if it would be a brand new phone, or refurbished. She said "it should be new, but in a different box and you keep your cables, etc from your original box.!

The "replacement" phone they give you will be a brand new 5S, but it will not come with the headphones, lightning cable, charger, or manual. It will come it a white box that only has the phone in it. The 5 that I purchased last year on launch day had activation issues. I took it into the Apple Store and the geniuses couldn't get it activated. Because it was launch day they told me the same thing... "we don't have any in a retail box, but we have a replacement we can give to you." They assured me it was a brand new phone, just without the accessories; they also made sure I was okay with it. I took it because I wanted my 5, and never regretted the decision. Plus, as kch50428 stated, the 5S hasn't really been out that long, so the replacement will almost definitely be brand new (which was the same in my situation). All you have to do is ask them, that's what I did.

It all comes down to your personal preference. If you love your 5S and want to use it now, get the replacement, you won't be disappointed. And if there is anything wrong with it, they will always replace it (Apple is usually pretty good about this). If you're the kind of person that needs to have a new phone out of a retail box, then wait it out and try and find a store that has some inventory.

One more thing to note, the "replacement" 5 they gave me was flawless. I never had any issues with it, and used it up until the day I activated my 5S. I hope that helps you make a decision.

Sekelani Zwambila

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Dec 17, 2012
This has happened to me before with the iPhone 5. my battery life was horrendous and i wouldn't get more than 5 hours usage. The guy at the genius bar, gave me an iPhone from a white box. He told me that the iPhones they keep in those boxes are replacement phones that are for customers that experience any problems with there iPhones. He also added that they are brand new, just placed in a different box without any accessories.Its basically the same thing