Question about RAM on 3G and future of multitasking on 3G


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Jan 13, 2010
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I have the 3G iPhone. I have the app called memory info(no longer on the app store) and it allows me to see info about ram and how to clear it. Whenever I clear it I have about 50 mb free. I let the iPhone sit for awhile and I check again it goes back to around 8 mb. Is there anything I can do to make the ram stay at a higher mb?
I'm afraid of multitasking coming to the 3G. Sometimes it slows down for no reason when it's running one app what will happen when it runs 2 or more?
My friends say that having too many apps or songs on the iPhone will slow it down. I don't think that's true. Or is it?

Haha if anyone can answer at least one of the questions I'll be happy :)


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Mar 25, 2010
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Well IMO, I think the Multi-tasking thing is useless for more than 1 app considering its low 124 [i think] mb RAM.
Yes, having to many apps running will obviously slow it down, The iPod App will also slow it down
I have an average of 25mb-30mb with only the Phone and Mail App on, and 9mb-18mb with a another app [iHeart Radio]
Ways to make room for RAM
- You can youtube "How to delete unused languages on iPhone" DON'T USE CYDIA APPS THAT SAY THEY CLEAR RAM
- don't use themes [like HTML Themes], the bigger/more themes, the more Springboard has to use its RAM
- Winterboard uses A LOT of RAM
- Same goes for Video Wallpaper
- Plus i think [if Multitasking does come] the Multi-tasking rumor will be exclusive to the iPhone 3GS and the next gen iPhone


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Dec 15, 2008
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I fully expect this OS update to be the one that separates the iPhone hardware models drastically. I wouldn't be surprised really if the original and 3G don't get this new OS. Especially since all the 3GS upgrade whiners from last year are due for upgrade pricing on the 4th gen iPhone. I know I'm ready for my upgrade, 3G is really showing it's age with some of the newer apps.

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