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John Flud

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Dec 15, 2012
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First to the mods. I am jfrebel, but don't remember my password, so used facebook since it appears thats now an option for logging on. feel free to combine the accounts or delete the jfrebel account or whatever. I say this openly so I won't be considered a sockpuppet.

anyway that said,

google maps has 3 options regarding the transit directions.

fastest, "less transfers and walking", and "best"

now I know what fastest and less transfers mean and why and when I'd prefer each.

fastest gets me there quicker but may require more walking and such. on sunny days this is good.

less transfers means it may take longer but if its icy or something, I spend less time trudging through the elements.

then theres' "best" which to me is subjective.

best in what way? faster? less walking? I can't seem to find any info about why I may prefer this option or when to use it.

on what criteria does google judge a route to be best?

does anybody either know, or know where to point me to find out?

thanks for the help!

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