Question About Backing Up Mini


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Nov 15, 2009
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So I got my mini (very much enjoying it) and I plugged it into the computer. Itunes asked me if I wanted to restore from a backup of my phone and thought, sure, why not. When it was done, the mini contained all the games and stuff that was on my phone, including save states, so I wouldn't have to start over and what not. All great, very glad to see that.

Now my question is, when I go to backup my iphone- is it going to try to add all the stuff I've since added to my ipad?

Because I noticed that when I tunes is baced up my ipad, THAT backup became the main backup and I think as far as itunes is concerned, it's gonna try to use THAT backup on my phone, too. Which would be bad, since I've added a ton of content to the ipad that would never fit on the phone.

So I'm wondering- is it possible to have TWO backups? One for the phone and one for the ipad? Or should I have set my ipad up as "new" and not restored from my phone's backup, to avoid this issue?

Any info anyone could provide on this would be greatly appreciated. I've never owned 2 idevices at the same time and I'm just sure how they conflict with each other, etc.


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Mar 9, 2009
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Each device will create its own backup. Your iPad mini started off from your previous iPhone back up but now each device will go it's own way on creating backups.