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Hi all
Hoping that someone will be able to help?
I have a Mac Mini and all my music is on an external drive which has been formatted as NTFS. My ex set it up so I don’t know why It’s in that format. But when I plug the drive into my windows laptop there is one copy of each song within iTunes and within the Windows Explorer file system. I’m not so familiar with the file system within Apple products. But when I plug the drive into my Mac Mini within iTunes some songs are duplicated. There doesn’t seem to be two actual copies though in the file system. But if I try to play both copies in iTunes it gives an error saying it can’t locate the file. Do I have to go through all the songs in iTunes to remove the duplicates or does anyone know a quick way to do this within the file system, within iTunes or even why this is happening?
I would so appreciate and advice about what is going on!
Mac Mini late 2012, OS X Yosemite, 10.10.5, 4 GB memory, iTunes version
Many thanks in advance


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May 29, 2017
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NTFS is the default file system of Windows. I don't think that Mac OS can handle it.

Since you have a Windows laptop, copy all of the files from the external drive onto your windows laptop. Then reformat the external drive as FAT32. Then copy all of the files back onto the drive. Your Mac should now be able to read it without problems.

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