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Pwntunes X Ifile disappeared files


New member
Apr 25, 2014
Hello guys,

I always use pwn tunes to import my music to ipod app. Today I copied tons of music to mymusic folder and tapped the needs sync and reset imports selections after copying. Usually it works. But today all of the music files are gone and photos which are located in dcim folder also gone too. They are not deleted they still use space on the memory. Any solution to this issue? Thanks.

ps. Yeah I tried to search for the song names but no results...:mad:
iphone 5s, vers 7.0.4


Well-known member
Sep 19, 2012
Hi and welcome to iMore.

I wasn't aware of Pwntunes, I use CopyTrans to transfer stuff to and from my iPhone. I might have a look at Pwntunes though as CopyTrans isn't the best software.

Back to your issue. I've not come across this issue before and of course using a third party piece of software does complicate things slightly. As in all things, alternative testing is sometimes beneficial so in this case I would suggest you connect the phone to iTunes and see what it says about the music. It may be that it is there as you say but some header information didn't copy over properly so it can't be indexed correctly.

That being the case, delete the music and start again.

If iTunes also reports it as being there but you still can't access it using that software then you may need to consider a backup and restore.