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Nov 27, 2019
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Hi guys!

First, let me say hello to everybody and that it is awesome that forums like this exist.

I was wondering if you could help us Indie newbies a little bit. I’ll describe the situation as brief as possible: We are in contact with a publisher to market our first real game (besides a students project), which is a kind of endless runner with a nice twist. We do not want to spoil too much about the game as as everybody knows how active and fast „mostly eastern clone armies“ are today… ;-( Now, without breaking any NDA things here and without giving any names, I would like to know what you think of the following:

Roughly said:
We do not need any money for the development.
We will work together with the publisher to integrate some SDKs they want to have in there. This is not paid, but we are ok with it as it is only a little bit of work.
They will provide all the money for marketing. We do not need to pre-pay anything. They will do all marketing itself, press, create all creatives, playable ads, videos, etc. No work from our side. We only need to update the app if a technical problem shows up. We agreed to a min of 2 content updates per half year if the games reaches certain KPIs. That is ok for us as the KPIs are also in our favor.
Financially, it would be a revenue split. 50% of the revenue for us, 50% for them. Of the net revenue (which is defined, simply said as: what we get from Apple and Google minus their costs for the marketing)
So, : We do the game, they do the marketing. The net rev is split 50%, 50%.

So asking all Indie devs here. Please help out a newbie. Can you tell us roughly your deals? Are these terms ok? Or what would you say is ok? What are your terms and whom would you recommend (ok, forget the last one if you also have an NDA).


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Jan 8, 2012
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I'm not a developer, but a 50 - 50 split is unwise, in my opinion. The app itself is the most important thing and I think you're underestimating your own ability to advertise. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. Granted, I don't know what type of app you're creating or to what audience/market your app is targeting.

If the app will be used in smartphones, can you not pay the App Developer fee and publish the app in the Apple App Store and likewise with the Google Play Store?

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