PS4 and iPhone integration


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Sep 2, 2009
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Sony announced the PS4 last week and also said they were going to have a iPhone app. I'm both a long time Playstation and iPhone fan. Something I've always thought would be nice is if Sony would design an app and HARDWRE for the iPhone. If the new Dualshock controller could be paired to the iPhone/iPad it would make serious portable gaming more of a reality. I would like to be able to continue playing Uncharted on my iPhone where I left off playing on the Playstaion. Also I could see third party hardware manufacturers come out with smaller more portable controllers if the interface was there.

I just seem to feel the current touch interface of iOS gaming is too much of a compromise to play epic games

I know this would conflict with the PSVita and have no idea if it's possible from the iPhone side, but I think it would be very popular.