Pronto Forms turns iPhone into serious business device


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Apr 3, 2009
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Evening all.

We have just launched our small business / enterprise level application called Pronto Forms to the iPhone.

We currently do BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices but are trying to rocket the iPhone as a serious business centric device.

One of the reasons companies still say "but the iPhone will never be a business device" is because companies don't invest in making it a business device.

We have done so and hope that users talk about it. People discuss games and fun apps all the time but if people want the "buts" to dissapear lets start telling the iPhone business story.

In Pronto Forms we bring our widely successful mobile solution to the iPhone and will continue to solidify the iPhone as a true business device and continue to support it.

Our application is based on a SaaS (Software as a service) model and although we tried to make it super simple, when you combine the device with the online services that tie in with the device it is a very rich platform.

A true review would require a bit of effort and some business knowledge. We figure this is why business apps don't get reviewed very often.

Anyone want to take a shot at reviewing Pronto Forms?

In short, it allows a business to build an iPhone "form" or you could call it application on their own without needing to do any programming. You build the information your business needs to mobilize, sync, data reporting etc.

Create teams of workers, deploy solutions to those workers. It's a full service suite but also caters to the small business.

The service scales to your business as your business grows.

Sorry that was a mouth full ;)

Free to download from the App Store.

I hope I'm posting this in the right forum thread.

Thanks in advance for your time!


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Jul 14, 2011
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Prontoforms after using it just a couple of times it has started crashing. Now it's crashing pretty regularly. He worst thing to happen when you are collecting data is for you to loose your data. I would not recommend this app to anyone.

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