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Promo Codes: 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Red HD (iPhone & iPad)


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Mar 10, 2011
123 Kids Fun Puzzle Red HD - extremely colorful iPhone & iPad game for Kids
123 Kids Fun Puzzle Red HD - Open in iTunes!


iPhone & iPad App

Puzzle is a pleasant and satisfactory game. Children reach for it usually out of curiosity. Puzzle, as a perfect example of a building game, develops precision of movements and design skills while matching elements. It also develops perceptiveness, ability to differentiate shapes, sense of locality, concentration of mind and fine motor coordination.

* 84 pictures to solve.
* Each picture with 3 difficulty levels:
3, 6 or 12 puzzle pieces.
* Aliens, Robots, Monsters, At home, Dinosaurs, Sea Animals, Buildings.

Promo Codes:




You can also try 123 Kids Fun Puzzle Red HD Lite for FREE:
123 Kids Fun Puzzle Red HD Lite - Open in iTunes!

Have fun!