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Problems receiving signal?....help please.


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Jun 19, 2009
While we're on the topic of 4g and LTE with our new iphone 5's does anyone else have any problems when they turn "LTE" off in settings not getting data at all?!? I show 4g right now with AT&T but when i turn off "LTE" in settings it doesn't give me 3g.....or any data for that matter..(had to turn phone on and off again to get signal back)..another problem i'm having is that when i was in a building the other day with "NO SERVICE" i noticed after i got back outside the signal bars kept jumping from none to full without any designation (3G/4G/LTE etc)....had to turn my phone off then back on again to get back on the network...anyone else with these problems....both times i had to restart the phone just for it to find signal again....thanks for any help~Chris

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