Problems pre-ordering Iphone 3Gs


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May 30, 2005
I just had the same experience. Tried to reserve it and got the error message after entering my ID. I thought nothing of it, until I got the email as described above.

I don't mind that they can't take orders due to overcrowding on the servers, I mind that apparently I placed an order, and don't know it, yet nothing shows up in my order history to cancel. If anyone has gotten through to the CS reps, do you know if the email is simply incorrect, or do we all really have random reservations at some Apple Store not of our choosing?

My favorite part after all this is the fine print at the bottom of the email saying that actually having a reservation doesn't reserve you anything, and sales are still first-come-first-served. So I'll be on line at 5AM anyway. Gee, thanks.


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May 24, 2004
Over on Howard Forums someone figured out the fix.
Log in to your AT&T online account manager (OLAM) and remove "Family messaging unlimited."
Then go place your order.
Then go re-add family messaging unlimited.

The error is because Apple's site doesn't understand the family messaging plan on your line. Remove it and it clears up the problem for pretty much everyone.


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Jun 11, 2009
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I went through the Apple Site to Pre-Order Monday night. I then set on hold for 2.5 hours on the phone to confirm my pre-order beacuse the site was locking up. I never got through to talk to some one my call was disconnected when they closed. The next morning I recieved the email from Apple. However I saw the message at the fine print at the bottom of the email "saying that actually having a reservation doesn't reserve you anything, and sales are still first-come-first-served" and got concerned since I wont be able to make it to the store until after lunch. I called Apple and they basically told me that the pre-order is just to get a rough count of how many phones they need to order and to get there early because they will be sold first come first serve regardless of reservation. I then went to AT&T and talked to them. I was able to pre-order and pay for my new iphone 3G S 16GB black and will be able to pick it up at the store on Friday when I get their. I am currently not an AT&T customer I have been waiting for my Sprint contract to expire.

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