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Feb 27, 2018
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Looking for help figuring out an issue I’m having with iTunes Match. I have 5 songs that refuse to download from the cloud to my iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro. Same with my iPhone 7. All running latest iOS 12, and same issue with previous versions of iOS. 3 of the 5 songs are m4a that I recorded at a concert. They are in a playlist of 22 songs all recorded at the concert, and the others all download fine. I’ve even tried converting to mp3 in iTunes, and renaming the song names and artist names. The other two songs are from 2 albums, one loaded from a CD and one MP3’s purchased online, but neither commercially available for years. Screenshot of the message I get on iPhone and iPad here:

As the screenshot indicates, I’m having similar issues with the Album Artwork, even though it was all added the same way at the same time as the ones that show up.

Looking for any suggestions or thoughts to fix this. I have Apple Music and iTunes Match subscriptions. Many people question why you would want both, but it’s because of all the recorded and non commercially available music in my collection that I want to play on all my devices.
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Oct 23, 2012
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How big are the files? (In MB.)

I vaguely seem to recall an issue with large files and iTunes Match. I know this happened at launch, but maybe it’s still happening?

If it turns out that this may be the issue, if you downsample, not just change to MP3, but keep it AAC but do 128 bit rather than 256 (since AAC is usually smaller than MP3), then does that work?

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