Probably not the first to think of this..........


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Dec 5, 2010
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Probably not the first to think of this, but I have an Ipad3 and an Iphone5 which I carry with me every where I go-work, the dog park, at home, etc. Every time Apple comes out with a new product, like many others, I make sure I get it right away. However, with the mini Ipad, I didn't have the same anticipation before the product launch. I thought that maybe I was sick, ill, or psychologically impaired because I just felt apathy.

I finally figured out why I wasn't excited about the Mini. I wanted the Mini to be a phone too!!! I don't mean Skype, which none of my contacts or friends use, but a merging of the Iphone and the Ipad to a very large phone.

I know that it wouldn't be logical for Apple to produce a product like this, but since I have my Ipad3 with me all the time, all I use my Iphone5 for is phone calls. Imagine that!!!! I could get rid of the phone if my Ipad3 had it intergrated with it.

I know what your're thinking...Sure Ace, you would look really cool answering your Ipad3 in public and putting that thing up to your ear. What I imagine, though, is using my bluetooth, or even getting the Pebble Watch to "Dick Tracey" it. How cool would that be?

Any other ideas out there regarding this? Maybe I should have run to the patent office before mentioning this idea, but I'm sure someone has thought of it before. If not, I'm willing to go to work for Apple and offer ideas for new products. Ever since I got off my meds, my mind has been working overtime.


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Mar 13, 2011
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You're right acecommander, you're not the first to think of this - which means that Apple probably won't do it until they can spin the PR to be 'their' idea.


I have an iPhone 4 and then, for day to day (mostly work) mobility stuff, I got an iPad 2. But then, this past year, I replaced my computer with an 11" Air, so in very nearly the same footprint as my iPad (and just as mobile) I have a 'real' computer, rendering a lot of what I did with the iPad moot.
That said, there are some advantages to a completely mobile instant-on device without the need to squint of make do as on the iPhone - and completely pocketable appeals, so I've been looking at the Mini as a middle ground.

But then, both my iPhone and iPad are ending their AppleCare lives this year, so do I look at replacing both? A phone-enabled Mini might be useful - granted, demanding a bluetooth or wired headset rather than putting the Mini to the ear to use. Can you imagine? And the 4:3 aspect of the Mini is really a bit of stretch for one-handed use, regardless of the current Apple PR otherwise - and there's another issue.
With the iPhone 5 and other companies adopting the narrower, longer 16:9 screens (an easier handful), a larger screen device with that aspect and a phone looks attractive as a replacement for both. For example, I've been looking at products described as 'phablets', including the Samsung Galaxy Note -

(I'll pause here to allow for the Macolytes to go "Euww" and rant on about " much better Apple is")

Smaller again than the Mini at 5.5", this could, quite possibly, not only serve my phone needs but, quite possibly, replace what I want from my iPad now, in a more hand-friendly size.

Or Apple could offer a Mini with phone capabilities and/or increase the size of the next iPhone and claim it as their own re-imagining.

Or you could get a Mini, sign onto a product like Google Mail and get an app like Talkatone to enable phone calls over wi-fi.


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Feb 17, 2013
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The OP is certainly not the first to think this. Indeed, cell phones have evolved into near computing platforms. We need the pads because there is simply not enough screen on the ever-shrinking portable phone. What strikes a good balance? I suppose it would be a device large enough for decent viewing but small enough to slip in pockets and not crate too much of a bulge.

Personally, I'm all for reducing the number of devices I would have to carry with me to get things done on the go. Perhaps something in the 5 to 6 inch range would do that complemented by what the previous poster suggested - a small bluetooth device so the main iWhatever can stay in the pocket for talking.


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Nov 8, 2012
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I would love to have a phone pad. iPad Mini would have been perfect for it. Only downside is that I wouldn't be able to fit it in my pocket and that's where I put my phone when I'm out and about.


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Mar 9, 2010
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I like the fact that my mini has LTE connectivity ... I don't need it to be a phone but love having data everywhere I go. My biggest wish is that apple open up iMessage so that all s,art phones could use this service. I enjoy getting messages on my iPad.


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Sep 19, 2012
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I'm not a fan of the 'phablet' as it has been coined. I don't really want a phone much bigger than the iPhone. Maybe a slightly wider screen (5mm or so), but that's it. A mate has the new Galaxy Note 2 and the thing is huge. Far too big to use comfortably one handed. Phones started out huge, then got absolutely tiny and are now bouncing back the other way again. I'd rather not have a phablet and I am very happy with my iPhone / iPad 3G combo.