Prateeksha Web Design - ? Introduction


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Apr 10, 2009
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Webdesigners and Ecommerce Website Developers

My small team of webdesigners and php / mysql programmers is based in India and we provide all web solutions based on Joomla and Virtuemart platform to small and medium size companies.

I am 36 and I have been working on the net for a long time. I am a member of various forums and enjoy the communication process they have to offer. My background is that I am a designer and programmer and worked on computers for the last 20 years since the days of Sinclair and Basic were there........... (wow..... long time!)

I have good experience in designing and started to learn desktop publishing intially. And then webdesign career seems the next best step.

I look forward to meeting a lot of people hear and thanks again for welcoming me.

If you need my help regarding website designing, joomla, virtuemart or custom ecommerce solutions contact me via this forum

Sumeet Shroff