Powerbeats 3 wireless are surprisingly awful


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Mar 19, 2012
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I can't believe how much Apple cheaped out on these things. I own the PB2 but the battery is fading after a couple years of use and I wanted to try these for the supposed 12 hour battery life.

I have to say, these things are junk. For starters, the sound is so much weaker than the Powerbeats 2. The bass is non existent and the volume is low compared to the PB2.

No protective cap over the USB port? PB2 had that and these will be toast as soon as sweat gets in there.

The inline control has been changed from the nice soft touch rubber to a cheap plastic. Feels terrible.

Battery life: 12 hours my a**. After one hour long workout after a full charge my headphones were down to 75%.

The case is even terrible. The PB2 come with a nice zip enclosure case. These come with a funky piece of soft plastic with just an opening at the top with no zipper.

I'm really disappointed in these. Terrible job here Apple, you ruined a solid pair of headphones.


Dec 25, 2011
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I have to say, these things are junk. The bass is non existent

I'm gonna break this into two parts. The first part of your quote about being junk, that's how I feel all things Beats. However, the second part of the quote about bass now has me actually curious about the Power Beats 3. My biggest concern with Beats is the overpowering muddled bass. So if the PB3 has less bass than its predecessors, it might actually be worth looking into. If anything it will give me a better understanding of the sound signature behind the bass.


Feb 6, 2012
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My experience differs simply because I didn't have the PB2 to compare these with. I'm happy with the PB3, personally. I'm only on my first day but so far they are doing fine. They replaced my 3 year old LG headset and so compared to those these are much better.