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Jun 18, 2009
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Ordered 5:00 Central Time on 9/14, with October 5 delivery. Shipped on Saturday, 9/22 with delivery date of 9/28 (Friday), where phone sat until Monday morning. - My problem like many others, was that I wanted to go stand in line on the 21st, but because my order was in process, I couldn't cancel it. I will be out of town as of Thursday AM through Oct. 2 and the one time I did not want the phone to arrive was during that time period. Before or after good, so I've been continually refreshing the shipping details, with no updated delivery date from UPS.

Here's the helpful part though. Because I expected I would have to defer delivery to a UPS center and pick it up when I get back, I signed up for UPS "MY CHOICE", so it would be easier to change the delivery to the last minute. To my surprise this morning, my shipping details still show no updated delivery date, but I got an email from UPS to inform me that as a member of "MY CHOICE", I was being notified delivery will be tomorrow (Weds. 26th). Now I will not have to continually refresh and hold my breath to see if my phone will be delivered before I leave time. Even though I am of course thrilled I will be able to take the phone with me, it is nice to know the definite delivery date.

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