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Pong Double Lite


Oct 13, 2009
Hey all

We have just released the lite version of our game Pong Double, so you can now try it out for free. itms://itunes.apple.com/au/app/pong-double-lite/id338234868?mt=8

Full version Description:
Imagine playing a game of Pong Double, the score is tie 4-4, you're playing against your best friend, this is the first time you have come this close to beating him. Will you have the bragging rights when the game is over?

Or do you prefer to challenge the whole world, well now you can. With our online scoreboard it is now up to you to go all the way to the top. It won't be easy but we guarantee, it will be fun. Find out this and more when buying Pong Double.

- fast paced addictive pong action
- play single or double
- play against the computer or your friends
- 3 difficulties - easy, medium and hard
- online highscore
- get future updates for free

Pic and info: www.enora.dk/pongdouble.asp
iTunes store: iTunes Store
Video: YouTube - Pong double for iPhone

The site AppStruck.com has made a review of out game Pong Double.

"Get it! This is a great game alone or with a friend" - appstruck.com

Read the entire review at AppStruck.com

And don't forget our huge competition at Enora Software, a contest where you can win up to 20.000 USD

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