Poll: Are you thinking of getting a standing desk, or do you already use one?

Do you use a standing desk?

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  • No, I'm not interested in one.

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  • I'm thinking of switching to one.

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  • I used to but don't any longer.

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  • I'm not sure it's right for me.

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  • What's a standing desk?

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Michelle Haag

Staff member
Oct 7, 2011
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I've worked from home a long time, over a decade now, and have thought several times over the years about upgrading my office to a standing desk. I even tried a makeshift version for awhile, but never quite got the ergonomics right, and not being able to alternate from sitting to standing was annoying. But I think I'm ready to make the switch, once and for all!

So I'm wondering, do you have a standing desk? Why did you switch? If you don't use one, why not? All opinions welcome!