Pok?mon Nests in Kansas City


Dec 25, 2011
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Hey guys! I know this will only be relevant to a few of you, but I'm hoping to kick off a few community-sourced city guides for Pok?mon Go spawning nests. I'll be putting one together for Kansas City, but if you'd like to do one for your city, let me know, and we can make sure your thread gets the right visibility and support from the Mobile Nations community managers.

Doing this is tricky, since a lot of people have relied on the Pok?mon API, and with spawning locations changing, it's hard to figure out how much of that data is old or new, but I'm gonna do my best here. What I'm pulling from here is recent, anecdotally-confirmed spots on Reddit and Facebook. I'm personally verifying the stops I can, and will update this if I notice something becomes inaccurate. Hopefully this can be a handy resource for locals and visitors alike. Side note, the Pok?mon Go Kansas City Reddit page updates their list daily, I will however verify myself as I can.

Best Pok?mon Go Nests in Kansas City

Charmander- Minor Park Golf Course
Diglett- Liberty Memorial
Dratini- Pond near 129th and Foster
Ekans- Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Overland Park Arboretum
Electabuzz- Corporate Woods, Antioch Park
Geodude- Heritage Park in Olathe
Jynx- Children's Mercy Park, Deanna Rose Park, Scheels Soccer Park, Oak Grove Park
Magikarp- Brush Creek by the Plaza, Frisco Lake, Prairie Village Shops, Home Depot Parking Lot at 95th and Metcalf
Magnemite- Overland Park Skate Park by Scheels Soccer Complex, Longview Lake Park Shelter #14
Mankey- Shawnee Mission Park, first loop of Gary L Haller trail
Nidoran ♂- Shawnee Mission Park
Onix- 159th and South Gardner Rd
Pikachu- Westboro/Canterbury Greenway Park in Liberty
Ponyta- Loose Park
Psyduck- Prairie Village Shops, Nigros Western Wear, Home Depot/Gas station parking lot near 95th and Metcalf
Rhyhorn- Frisco Lake
Seel- Deanna Rose Park, East side of Wyandotte County Lake Park, Water Works Park
Slowpoke- Home Depot/Gas station parking lot near 95th and Metcalf
Squirtle- Fred Arbanas Golf Course, Eagle's Landing Golf Course
Voltorb- Longview Lake Park Shelter #14

Bellsprout- Barney Allis Plaza
Dratini- Pond near Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant
Diglett- Platte Purchase Park, Penguin Park
Electabuzz- Rotary Park at Railroad Lake in Blue Springs
Growlithe- Social Security Administration @13th and Holmes
Magikarp- Antioch Park, Nigros Western Wear, Pond near 129th and Foster
Magmar- Olathe North High School
Pinsir- West Bottoms off Genessee
Psyduck- Pond near 129th and Foster
Poliwag- Prairie Village Shops- but possibly disproven
Seel- Gezer Park
Slowpoke- Nigros Western Wear, Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course
Scyther- Fisher Park by KU Med
Tentacool- Pond near 129th and Foster

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