PocketPop Revenge (Game) released for iPhone/Touch (Best Product Award 2001)


Feb 11, 2009
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*** Introductory price for the first week ***

Yes it's back! The award winning PocketPop, winner of a Best Product Award 2001 at the Pocket PC Summit, and having shipped in excess of 250,000 copies on Pocket PC, is back, slicker and harder than before. This time its Revenge...

Newly enhanced and made over for the iPhone and iPod Touch, PocketPop Revenge keeps three of the classic playing modes; Classic, Magnetism and Column Clearer you know and love from the original PocketPop, but adds a new harder longer Revenge mode that ups the anti.

? Classic is the standard clear the board and get the highest score.
? Magnetism changes the game mechanics by magnetizing the side of the board.
? Column clearer lets you keep going for longer by filling columns that become empty as you clear the board.

The new Revenge mode really ups your strategy as you must deal with special blocks that can help or hinder depending on when you choose to use them, and they keep going once you gridlock the board so that you can't continue, a fresh set of blocks join the game. Can you beat the 1,000,000 point mark, 10,000,000? how far can you go??

For more details visit our website at pocketfun.co.uk

We would like to extend this into a social game, and would like to hear your ideas of what you would like to see added. Send us a PM or an email to our support address (which can be found in the app store) and we will happily consider your requests.

Some reviews from the latest Pocket PC version:

This is a great game for all ages! (5 stars) by a reviewer from Rocky Mount, North Carolina on Jun 19, 2006
This is a great game for all ages!

Great game! (5 stars) by Harry from HK on Jul 28, 2004
It is similar to another application I had BUT is much better because it gives more choice to players. For PPC2002 model, this game is a must-have.

Great game!! Create new ways to play! (5 stars) by Adam Brody from Indiana on Feb 11, 2004
This is the game I find myself playing the most. So much so, I created my rules. Instead of trying to get the highest score I get the lowest score with no bubbles left on the 10x10x3 board. My current record is 96 points with no bubbles. I love this game!!

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