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Nov 27, 2012
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Hi to everyone!
Today we want to tell you about our project in the field of mobile technologies. As many of you probably already know, there are a lot of services that offers to create Launch pages for your projects. Launch page is made when the project is not launched yet for a massive use, it is either in the phase of idea or in the phase of development/ testing. In such a way, authors of the project have possibility to evaluate the interest to their project through the launch page. It is possible to collect the feedback, to make improvements, to subscribe people for the Beta version or to send all necessary information about the project to the first subscribers. We have faced the necessity of creating such service when we wanted to create our own mobile application. After network monitoring we have found 3 services that are most appropriate: Launchrock.com (the leader in that industry, but actually, at that moment, during our research, they haven?t got the patterns for mobile applications); kickofflabs.com and unbounce.com, but none of services have filled our need fully. That?s why, as it often happens, we?ve decided to create a service of our own - PageForApp.com. Our service enables you to create Launch pages for mobile applications, but later turn into Landing pages.
Landing page is generally the first page of the project. According to it the website visitor learns about the project. What it offers, what it solves, what advantages it has and etc., all the necessary information that makes visitor want to make a purchase this product. During of the process of developing design of the page, we have relied on our own suggestions, what aspects this page should include. Finally, from our point of view, we have made universal design that suits for any application. We had specially designed Launch and Landing pages in such a way, for it would be convenient for a visitor to orientate in any version of the page created by any developer.
In slides you can see how pages look, which we have created as samples of applications that already exist. If you follow links, you will see explanations to every element on the page.

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Our service is very simple in use. You put all necessary information into ?page builder? and create the exterior look of the page. After that you either place it to your domain or to our subdomain or generate the html code that will allow you to insert your page as a widget at any resource. You may not have finished application, but only design of it, which you can upload as screen shoots of your application. Also it could be only description and the title of your application that you are going to create. In such a way you can create a page that you can share with friends, colleagues or familiars in a phase of the idea. In order to get a feedback about the idea or conception of your application. You may also use this page for already made application that is not put in the store yet. Service provides you a possibility to collect subscribers contacts for e-mailing them, to exchange data with your partners, to share your own or partner links to other mobile applications. If the application is already in the store, then with a help of our service you can create a Landing page of your application. In such a way your application will have its own website. For convenience you may use a Launch page that was made before and turn it to a Landing page by simply placing a badge of the store where your mobile application is located and removing a subscription form.

A standard package will include:
5 unique pages
1000 subscribers per page
2500 unique visitors per page
Unlimited number of e-mail letters for mailing
5 languages per page
5 partner applications per page
All phones layouts available
4 operational systems per page
No our logo
SEO optimization
Page optimization for mobile devices
The price of such package is 19.99$ per month or 199.99$ per year

At this moment we collect the feedback from our potential customers. If you?ve got interested in our service then you can subscribe to our service on our page for receiving a notification about the opening, and perhaps even for your participation in Beta testing.
We'd like to know are you willing to pay for this product? If yes, then how much? If no, then would you like to use it with our sub-domain name or our logo for free? We're also interested in mobile app promotion, and we'd like to learn more about your ways of doing it and what promotion processes you'd like to automate. Maybe you'd like to give care about promotion and give this task to the publisher? If yes, then for what sale fee?

Thank you for attention! PageForApp team.


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