Please help me with my sleep/wale button issue!


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Jun 3, 2012
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I got my iPhone 5 from Italy the launch day of the device in Europe. I have been using it now for 3 month and it is doing great. But i've been facing an issue that is really annoying. When i am using the phone or want to lock it or vice versa, the sleep/wake button does not do it's job from the first time i need to keep pressing it twice or 3 times for it to lock or unlock the device, this doesn't happen all the time but it happen more than 50 times during the day! I posted my problem on blogs and discussion forums and it wasn't only me who is facing this problem, i found 11 different people who have the same problem and they all went to the Genius bar and changed their phones with new ones. My problem is that i live in Egypt and i do not have an Apple store over here or a genius bar! But the good news is that i am travelling to Paris in a couple of hours and i was asking if they will be able to change my device with a new one over there or not.

PS: This device was locked to a carrier in Italy and i had to pay it's full price that was around 900 euros for the 64GB unlocked version and the guys at the carrier store were really good and they did that for me and it's now unlocked and works on every network i have here in Egypt.

Thank you for you time.

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