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PLEASE HELP! Can't reboot iphone, no luck with redsn0w


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OK! So first things first, there's a short story with my question. The details are important! Please help. My iphone is a white 4s and 16gigs. I really have no idea what ios is was working under. It came into my possession through my boyfriend who works in a hotel. The iphone had been sitting in a lost and found bin for nearly a year so he was able to give it to me, as no one had claimed it. I took out the sim card and restored the iphone to use it as an ipod. It worked great (I was able to access everything normally) until a certain app wasn't working, then I decided to restore the iphone again. After I restored the iphone for a second time, I was not able to access the home screen. The screen said I needed a sim card in order to get past the welcome thingy where it asks about language, wifi, ect. I figured maybe if I unlocked the phone I might be able to use it as an ipod again. I have attempted to download redsn0w several different times from several different websites but most downloads won't even open on my computer. The one download that I did get to open didn't even work right. The steps made the phones screen go black and none of the buttons worked. After messing with it, I was able to get rid of the black screen and get back to the welcome screen. Here are me questions:

1. Why was I able to reboot the iphone the first time without a sim card, but not the second time?

2. Is unlocking the iphone with redsn0w the solution? Maybe I did it wrong..

3. If so, where's a safe place to download and unlocking software? preferably tethered.

4. Is it possible nothing is working for me because there is a theft software on the phone? since it isn't originally mine

I am grateful for any answers! Please and thank-you!!!!


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Mar 9, 2010
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Hello Welcome to the forums! ... To solve your problem you will need a sim card, sounds like you may have restored after rebooting which would cause this behavior.


Jun 13, 2012
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Ahh the left at the Hotel phone. I remember this from another thread.
Redsnow is a jailbreak tool. Put the sim back in.

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