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Playing Songs consecutively on playlist for iphone7


New member
Feb 17, 2017
I used to be able to play songs consecutively on my playlists. But lately, and maybe since the last update, The player won't play consecutively. It just plays whatever song you started with and will play it over and over unless you advance it manually. shuffle only changes the song randomly but will stay stuck on the new song. help?


Well-known member
Dec 3, 2012
Hello there

Sounds like you have the "repeat one song" option enabled, in iOS 10 that option is kinna hidden so Let's check that out:

1- play your song
2- tap on the mini player that appears in the bottom of the screen (it should enlarge the song artwork) after that
3- Slide up with your finger, to reveal your up next,
-but in between the playing buttons and the up next list, you should see the shuffle and repeat options.
4- toggle the repeat option off .
Remember that there are 3 options for repeat: on (when on it should appear in fuchsia), repeat 1song and off (the button has no color).

And that's it! :) hope this solves your issue.

Have a great day!