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Boris Vasilenko

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Nov 6, 2014
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Hi iMore,

And let me introduce my Plan Big Life app.

How long will it take you to save up for your dream? Dreaming of that sleek red convertible? What about a new house for you and your fianc?e? Planning on popping out a kid anytime soon? Or just hankering after the iPhone 6? The Plan Big Life app will
help you put together a solid, organized plan to get the funds you need to make your dream come true.


Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android.

You can download Plan Big Life app for iPhone and iPad on iTunes.

It's super simple to use: set your goal first, selecting one of the pre-defined icons like a new computer, graduation, or home improvements (or just pick "custom goal" and enter in your own information). Tell the app how much you'll need to make it a reality, if there's any deadline, and how much buffer money you want to have left after purchasing it (so you don't zero out your bank account).

Then, enter in specific information about your monthly finances. Add how much money you're starting off with as well as your monthly income streams. Include details about monthly expenses like rent, food, phone/internet, insurance, etc. If you're anticipating any one-time expenses like presents for someone or a big trip, include that information as well.

Once you've entered in all your data, BAM! The app automatically calculates how many months it will take until you have enough money to reach your desired goal. You'll see your money flow illustrated in a line graph below. This works even if you enter more than one goal; prioritize them so the app knows which ones you plan to purchase first.

You can download Plan Big Life app for iPhone and iPad on iTunes. There's also a free version to try out the features.
Plan Big Life by Boris Vasilenko
the Plan Big Life dev
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