Physically secure a Macbook Pro 15


Jan 16, 2013
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So for 2 years now I have been working at my Web Design Job. I enjoy it very much. My boss got me a Macbook Pro and my other co workers got desktops. Not even sure why but I havent had issues with it. However I do take this computer home with me every night as I dont want to leave it at my work desk unsecured. Apple took the Kensington lock out on this model. Do any of you use a lock to secure you Macbook Pro with? The cable doesnt need to be impenetrable, because I do work in an office area that is locked behind a keycard scanner. But carrying home a Macbook pro every night wont be good on my health in the long run. Also in my backpack is a surface pro 4, an ipad air 2 and some charging cables for the 5s, ipad and a mouse.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you!!