Photo's won't upload to iCloud and now some of them are gone.

I G1

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Feb 6, 2021
I have the basic iPad running on 14.4. I'm kind of new to iPad (I came from Samsung) and I was trying to move my photos to iCloud to free storage and they wouldn't so I eventually switched off iCloud photos and switched it on again. Now all my photos that were originally on the original iPad storage are gone and the photos that were uploading are still uploading and not progressing further again. I already looked in the recently deleted album and there was nothing there. How can I restore my photos and upload them to iCloud (I already checked my internet connection multiple times, checked if it was connected to iCloud storage and i have 50GB with 47GB still free, so I don't know what else to do)


Mar 10, 2012
There was an issue with iCloud Photos earlier today: This could have prevented your device from uploading, and it might take a while before it starts again.

I would have suggested leaving your iPad Photo Library alone for a day or two. Imports can take several hours or days.

Do you have a copy of your photos on another device, just in case?