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Hi folks,
Hopefully I have listed this in the correct area as I have tried to look for my issue but haven't found anything exact to list it under.

Anyway my problem is, I have just purchased a Mac Mini i7 16GB 256GB SSD (2014) from a friend. I have done a complete wipe and fresh install of the latest Mac OS Sierra. I have attached 2 x External Drives. 1 is 4TB which I have set up as my main Photos library and the other is a 8TB Drive which I have set up as my iTunes library.

Everything is working well. all my itunes stuff is showing up in the 8TB Drive and my Photos have imported into my 4TB Drive within the Photos Library.

My issue is last night I went into the Storage Tab via, Apple Icon > About this Mac> Storage and after a few seconds of scanning all my drives it is listed as my Macintosh HD (256GB SSD) as having 106.55GB of photos stored in it. But the 4TB Drive is only listing the Photos storage as 60GB.

I have also gone in via Disk utility to check the drives and it is only showing about 5GB of actual disk space used in my main SSD Drive. It shows nothing of the Photos storage which is coming up via the "about my mac" view.

I have looked at my Photos Folder in my main Drive and there is nothing there.

As I have my original photos backed on on another drive I have decided to delete all the photos from Photos App and also delete the photos library and start over.

But I just wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this problem or if this is a known bug in Sierra.

Thanks for your time in reading this


Feb 6, 2012
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Welcome to iMore.

For an issue such as this I'd recommend creating an account on our forums. That way we can ask followup questions.

My first question is if your Photos Library is on your external drive or if you're simply placing your photos individually on the drive. Moving your Photos Library file to your external drive would be the easiest way to manage them in this way.

Are you using iCloud in anyway to store your photos?

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