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Photos are eating up my hard drive. Can I host them on my iMac and delete them from my macbook?


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I have an iMac and a MacBook. Both computers have my complete photos library on it which includes a lot of videos. They are eating up my hard drive. I have it all backed up into my iCloud account as well as two copies on one external hard drive of just the videos and both computers are set up for time machine. I want to delete the videos off the macbook and just have all of the photos and videos on the iMac and just access them through my network on my macbook and just work with the ones I want to as I create iMovies with them and move them to flash drives. How can I accomplish this? If I delete them I am pretty sure as the photos library updates in the cloud the videos I delete will disappear-unless I have it update from the iMac upstairs? I just don't want them eating up my macbook hard drive, as they are now.