Phone5 stuck when I install front camera and sensor cables to board.


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I broke my screen and I replaced the screen and digitizer 1 year ago. I replaced it. It worked fine until last week. My phone's battery was swollen. So I bought a battery and install, it was simple.

When I tried to power up, it stuck at Apple logo. I worried and try to restore from iTunes. It gave error 4005, 4013, 4014... I searched and found some videos, explain the reason may be some defective components.

I started to disconnect connectors one by one, and bingo, it was front facing camera + ear speaker + prox sensor.

When I try while that connector disassembled, it powers up successfully. When I re connect the connector, it stuck.

Before replacing the battery, everthing works fine. I switched to old battery but didn't solve for camera and ear speaker problem.


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Jan 8, 2012
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So what specifically is your question? Please join the iMore Forums and reply in this particular thread. Thank you.