Performance issue in finder window in High Sierra


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May 15, 2015
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Hi everyone! Is there a place I could let Apple know of a performance issue ?
I'm a professional photographer and part of my daily workflow is to go through and organize into folders hundreds of architectural photos.
Under macOS Sierra, I was simply using the "Icon" view inside a finder window, which display nice thumbnails of all the shots, and I was using the slider on the bottom right to adjust their sizes, and that was working smoothly, no problems at all.

Since I updated to High Sierra, doing the exact same action is sluggish, the icons are stuttering during the resize process... same iMac, nothing changed.

This is so annoying! Something that used to work fine is now broken just because I updated the OS!

The other thing is, it was time for me to update my 2015 5k iMac to the latest one, since photoshop performance was getting too bad for my hi resolution files anyway, so I got the best iMac I could buy without getting an iMac pro : the 4.2 i7 and Radeon pro 580 with 8GB, and guess what ?
The same sluggish performance while moving that slider! That tells me it's definitely an OS issue, am I right ?

Now I know some of you might think, the finder is not made for this, just import into Lightroom, etc.. but its not the point, this is a special part of my job where I don't even need to edit, so using the finder is (was) the most efficient way to do it, and it used to work great!
Hopefully Apple can fix this performance issue.

So, what would be the best way to let Apple know about it ? Thanks!

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