People are very happy with their Apple Card — ranks #1 in customer study


Mar 2, 2016
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Interesting (given the recent headline that Goldman Sachs is being investigated) but not surprising! Everyone I know who has the Apple Card seems very happy with it.


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Aug 27, 2021
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The Apple Card is the best all around card when using Apple Pay. 2% cash reward (in some instances more) on everything, the rewards are other worldly rapidly gained compared to any other card I’ve had, the rewards are used like a credit card(I’ve found this is actually a nice benefit), there’s basically no fees, it prompts you during monthly payment to highlight “not paying in full will cost you X”(few do this or do it boldky), it’s about as easy as is to provide other family members access(shared credit or cash), and it’s integrated with the iPhone. Transactions are about as secure as a cc transaction can be.
But there are negatives: the biggest negative by a lot is only 1% for using the physical Apple Card. The Website is relatively basic(AmEx is the king of feature rich cc websites). It lacks certain tangential benefits(no extended warranty for example).

If you buy recently released Apple products, do trade ins to Apple, or pay an Apple subscription, you really should have the Apple Card. If for no other reason than using it just for those items. If you prefer the ease of just one card, it’s a very good option. But if you’re looking for max rewards, Apple Card should be just one of several cards. Keep another for physical card usage 2%. But it is ideal to also have a third that targets specific high rewards. Certain cards give 5 or 6 percent at grocery stores (though imho avoid the high cash back cards that you choose categories quarterly. Anything that requires active participation usually works in the card company’s favor. Keep it simple).

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