Pencil Sketch: Become an artist by creating your own sketches and doodles!


Jan 18, 2013
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An easy-to-use app to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos!

You can pick a picture from your album or capture one from your camera to generate the sketch. Both black-white and colorful sketch results can be easily created by JUST one button click. Saving images can be done quickly by a single touch of a button. Sharing pics are also supported.

There are two styles included in the app: "Sketch" and "Doodle". "Sketch" style creates accurate results with smooth edges and curves, which is very good for human portrait photos. "Doodle" style is suitable for objects and nature views, since it presents stronger edges and curves. Several photo frames are also available in the app so that you can easily apply them to your sketch results.

Photo Editor is also built-in within this app, which includes many useful and quick manipulations of your photos, such as filters, saturation adjustment, etc.

You can also draw your own doodle pictures by selecting a canvas. Colours, pencil styles and erasers are all available in the drawing board. The drawing you created can be saved to your photo album as well.

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