Passcode Reset Process Requires Apple ID MFA is Flawed Resulting Neither Old nor New Passcode Workin

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Aug 12, 2020
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I changed my passcode on my phone but it somehow requires my apple id to confirm the change. I couldn't remember my apple id password. so I started the password reset process a few times. Every time I received a message saying I won't be able to reset the password within two three days. However, everyday I received an alert saying I need to confirm my passcode change in iCloud which I don't know what that means and what I could do without my password. Finally I received a message yesterday saying that I could reset the apple id password now. So I tried to reset the password by using the apple web site on my computer. However, it needs a phone confirmation to reset which requires passcode. I tried my old and new passcode and neither one of them work. I was using face id previously. My phone is disabled. I called the Apple support the only way out is to reset the phone. I am very much baffled why neither passcodes would work. The support told me the encryption key is stored on my phone locally. But it does not explain why neither passcode works. Apple offers no solution but resetting the phone.

I am so frustrated now because I have to reset my entire phone because of this and I don't have the latest backup.
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