Own iPad 3. Can I uptade the iPad to the last version of ios 7 not the new one that is ios 8?


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Hey. :)

I hope someone can help me !

I have heard and read that many have problems when they updated their old iPad to ios 8 and don't want to take a risk..... I know one can't go back to the old system if they have problems... :(

I own iPad 3. Can I update the system to the last version of ios 7...?

There was written in some artilce I read on the internet that I could if I jailbreak my iPad... I don't want to jailbreak my iPad. :/

There are many apps I would like to download, that say I need to have for exsample at least ios 7.1. :/
As it is now I can't download them... :(

Thanks for taking time to read this and thanks for your help !!! :)

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