Otterbox Commuter with seidio belt clip??


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Feb 22, 2011
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I had the Seidio Active and Surface cases with holsters for the IP5 and from what I could tell, doesn't look like either holster will work with the Otterbox Commuter since the Active has a smaller/thinner/narrower profile than the Commuter.


Mar 8, 2011
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I also was troubled by the lack of a holster for the Commuter case for the iPhone 5. I can only figure that Otterbox wanted to steer those that wanted a holster to the higher priced Defender. From the dimensions I had a hunch the holster for the new Seidio Obex case may fit the Commuter case. I ordered one from Amazon and was pleased to see that the Obex holster fits the Commuter. I was disappointed in the design of the Obex case, the reviews are pretty accurate for that product. I sent the Obex case and holster back and then ordered an Obex holster from Seidio. Voila, the perfect solution for the Commuter. It would be a lot easier (and cheaper for the consumer) if Otterbox just designed a holster for the Commuter itself.