Otterbox Armor case iPhone 4S - Short review

John Yester

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May 23, 2012
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4.23 oz / 120.00 g
5.14 in x 2.94 in x 0.82 in
13.06 cm x 7.47 cm x 2.08 cm

6.6 Foot submersion up to 30 minutes

10 Foot Drop to concrete

0 entry of dust or debris

2 tons of crush pressure

Unbowed this thing is massive. With Mil-Spec design and features this is a case for those who work in extreme. Yes truly extreme environments as their daily job.

Currently available soon for 4s and soon to be for the iPhone 5.

Standard black/slate color with bright green accent port covers. Think of this case as the defender x10!!!!

Solid design and feel. It's not a cheap case. But it's not built cheap either. Reenforced polycarbonate shell with a silicone bed on the interior allows for 2 ton. Yes 2 ton of crush pressure!!!!

Able to survive a 10 ft fall, but the way it feels. It may be able to survive more.

30 minutes of under water at 6 feet depth for those under water shots or those who may be caught out in bad weather.

Corrosion resistant latches secure the two parts together very tightly to allow a water proof seal. No cheap clip system here. This sucker is bomb proof!!!

As you can see from the images above. The case feature port cover with internal gaskets for a water proof seal. Easy access to home button and volume rockers. They even built in a silent switch toggle into the case for easy switching.

Now there can be a lot of pros on the look and function of any case. But bottom line is how well does it work in real life?

Once installed it functions like any other case with extra added protection. But with one bug issue that worries me at this time. During test calls and FaceTime testing. I was told that the other person can not hear me. I had to literately hold the phone very very close. More closely then one would even use any device when speaking on the phone. I had to raise my voice multiple times to be heard clearly. After a few calls I start to eval the case as to what would cause the issue.

Guess what I found.... As I mentioned before with the case being water proof. Even other water proof cases have some voice and audio issues. Otterbox in this case has a one way valve or port which does not allow intrusion of water or debris to the device. But there is only one for the speaker. The mic port on the case is not open. It's formed to look like the speaker area but its just a plastics she'll covering.

This could be a big issue for this wanting to invest in a case and expect decent call and voice quality with out losing their voice at the end if the conversation.

Again this is a short. Dirty review. Just showing what is coming to the 4S from Otterbox and some problems some mug expect upon release.

I am waiting to hear back from Otterbox at this time to address the Mic port issue with not picking up voice.

Hope this helps

Reviewed and composed on iPad

Pictures take with iPad
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Sep 21, 2009
People not being able to hear you on a phone call would be a big issue. Maybe they will fix this soon. The case seems awesome though.

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Jun 2, 2013
My Otterbox for my iphone5 has MUTED me!

Before ordering an Otterbox, I read reviews. A common complaint I found pertained to speaker quality but it sounded like just what I needed since I have had to replace 3 phones due to water damage. Sure enough, my first call after testing and installing my iphone5 was to my daughter. She said my voice sounded muffled and she could not understand any word I said. Even when I significantly raised my voice, she could not understand me. I could hear her okay but we couldn't have a conversation. I am disappointed but unless I can speak in a normal tone of voice, I will have to return the Otterbox. I am posting this review in hopes that there has been a resolution to this serious problem.


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Oct 3, 2010
I have one for my iPhone 5 and have not had any issues at all as far as using the phone. I even asked people what they think and they said it was fine.


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Jul 11, 2010
I have one for my iPhone 5 and have not had any issues at all as far as using the phone. I even asked people what they think and they said it was fine.

Same here. There's definitely a difference but I've never really had anyone complain they can't hear me or vice versa. I'm a huge fan of this case. Ultimately you have to decide if the level of sound deterioration (which seems unavoidable) is worth it to have a waterproof case. Kind of strange it seems worse for some than others though.


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Oct 3, 2010
Same here with me. The minimal sound issues are definitely something I can live with to have a phone case like this. It so great not to have to worry about dust or water messing up my phone during my summer.

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