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OS X / iOS wifi network, how can I keep one on OSs and get it off OS X?

David Hold

Mar 12, 2015
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os x / ios wifi network how can i keep one on ios and get it off os x

i keep on my iphone xfinity public wifi.
at home my neighbor also has the xfinity public wifi hotspot enabled.

so when i boot my macbook if my cable modem has dropped for a second. my macbook grabs the xfinity wifi instead ofmy home network wifi.

i put my home network at the top of prefered networks. but xfinity also appears because i logged into it somewhere on my iphone.

how can i stop xfinity from appearing on my os x prefered networks lists.

just deleting it off os x also removes it from my iphone.

so that does not work.

i only want my home network to appear on my macbook.
i want the xfinity to only appear on my iphone as an optional network it can join when out in public.

how can i stop ios and os x synching the joined networks.
so i can keep my at home mac off the neighbors xfinity.

Rod Sprague

Oct 26, 2015
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Re: os x / ios wifi network how can i keep one on ios and get it off os x

You do not mention which Operating System you are using but assuming it is OS 10.9 or later you will find that it automatically searches for previously used networks. This enables you to take it to a restaurant, bar, workplace and automatically login. If you are using a desktop this is not necessary. So like a desktop if you only ever use your laptop in one or two places you can tick the box, "require admin authorisation to change networks." In Network preferences Advanced. That will at least alert you to the impending change and allow you to refuse. You can of course remove the xfinity network from the preferred network list but if you are using iCloud Keychain the laptop will simply go for the strongest signal and Keychain will fill in the password.

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